mailbox mailbox-animation-by-jrotanson


MailboX is built to inspire individuals to be more positively connected by verbal and written conversation as social media has made us into antisocial beings due to the abundance of communication platforms.

MailboX uses the traditional shape of a post box with an illuminated with a LED façade to recreate messages into entertaining interactions. For this iteration we have chosen to use Emojis, as they are a modern rebirth of Hieroglyphics – an early form of written communication - and create a contrast between the traditional post box and letter shape that allow the viewer to question the importance of written communication and how we are slowly losing that capability. A participant can send a digital message to the mailbox of their experiences while at the Vivid festival. Through audio analysis the Mailbox will also respond to the excitement and volume generated around the MailboX visualising the conversation generated from vivid.

Meet the team


Anthony Zeater



Christopher Simpson

Design and Construction


Isabella Bain

Project manager and Construction


James Rotanson

Graphic Designer


Khanh Nguyen

Software Development


Steven Bai

Communication and Sponsorship